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The Story

I had spent the better part of a decade working through the ranks of World Class restaurants, pulling 70-90 hour weeks regularly while trying to juggle family, work and Life in general, I burnt out.....bad, i quit my job as sous chef at one of the best Luxury Lodges in the world and made the decision to just see what happens next.

It was time to relax, reflect and ride!, After a very slow start to the Otago ski season in 2014 I ended up having far more time on my hands than expected.

My love of all things spicy coupled with my passion for creating led me to a night long frenzy of rummaging through the pantry and fridge, throwing together an ad-lib hot sauce, After a bit of crafty maturing, blending, seasoning and tweaking I was left with 5 litres of sauce, far too much for me and my small family to cinsume on our own! 

It seemed wrong not to share this creation with the world, I decided to give it away for free on a local Facebook trading page, needless to say it flew out the door!

Word got out about an Underground hot sauce flooding the streets of Q-town and soon I was overwhelmed and had to make the sauce to order. Restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses were asking where they could get this hot commodity. 

By this stage it was no longer a secret and Council intervened, giving a friendly heads up to tighten up my operations and turn it into a legitimate business venture. How can you start a business without even having a name? I created a poll and over 200 locals voted on a choice of 3 names that were put forwards, and with over 90% vote, Frankton Heat was born!

Frankton Heat Continues to create waves in the world hot sauce scene winning Gold at the 2015 Australian Mr Chilli Awards and also featuring at the 2016 World Hot Sauce Awards and the 2106 NYC hot sauce expo.

-Lucas P